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An interview with Kelsey about how she helps individuals and small businesses.

Individual & Group Wellness Services

Wellness Classes / Educational Presentations:

  • Choose from a list of topics.
  • Presentations approximately 50-60 minutes in length.
  • Includes PowerPoint presentation and handout.
  • All topics backed by research.

Health Coaching

  • Can allow employees/clients to sign up or allow me to have “office hours” onsite
  • Sessions run for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Includes discussion around nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health/stress, work-life balance, etc.
  • Will provide tips, tricks, and research-backed information/handouts, if the employee/client wants it.

Group Exercise Classes

  • Can provide 30-minute Zoom classes, 30-minute in-person classes outside, or 45-minute in-person classes outside.
  • Includes music and a planned workout created specifically for the employee/client demographic.
  • Kelsey does the workout with the group, but provides coaching/”hands-on” help if and when needed.

Wellness Event Planning

  • List of ideas based on the specific organization’s wants, needs, and the facility’s abilities.
  • Creating the structure, timeline, and implementation plan for the event.
  • Marketing material that Kelsey will co-create with the management/marketing team.
  • Contacting and working with the necessary partners to make the event possible.
  • Training those necessary to help run the event.
  • Setup for and managing the event.
  • Creating and disseminating a survey after the event.

Wellness Challenges

  • Choose from a list of challenges.
  • Challenges are 4 weeks long.
  • Includes tracking sheet with tips, tricks, and health information.

Personal Training

  • Employees/Clients can schedule 30-minute appointments via Zoom or in-person outside.
  • Includes email or phone communication prior to the session to discuss exercise history, goals, limitations, etc.
  • Will provide a workout, which is used during the training session and then given to the employee/client to keep.

Wellness Newsletter

  • Research-backed information on current health and wellness trends.
  • Tips and tricks based on the month/season.
  • A healthy, realistic recipe.
  • An exercise to try (for strength, endurance, mobility, or flexibility).
  • Kelsey’s recommendations on a topic, a piece of equipment, a workout, etc.

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What ThriveWell Can Do Within Your Organization

ThriveWell strives to improve organizational value, retention, productivity, and culture by strengthening employee health and wellness. We achieve this by creating tailored wellness solutions that empower workers on all levels through interactive, engaging programs and guidance that incorporate the latest health science.


We help your employees identify key concerns and opportunities for growth that improve their health and lower stress, cutting organizational costs by reducing medical claims.


Wellness programs are considered high-value benefits that help employers recruit and retain talent. Over 70% of employees say these programs improve job satisfaction.


We educate and empower your employees to take control of their wellness, lowering health risks, reducing absenteeism, and improving staff productivity and creativity.


Our programs not only improve employee health and wellness, but also create organizational change by promoting better relations with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

ThriveWell offers multiple cost-effective wellness packages that each provide specific benefits to your organization. Contact Kelsey Sanders for more information at

How to Create Healthy Habits When You're Too Busy

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